Extrusion blow moulding technology 

Using this technology the material in granular form is melted down and then forced through an extrusion head as an endless sleeve. The sleeve is then enclosed within a mould and forced using compressed air into the mould cavity. After cooling the newly moulded product is removed and the cycle repeated. The cooled product can continue to its final stage – machining to remove flashing and/or assembly (fitting with other components, closures, labels, print etc.). Main materials are PE and PP. This technology is used for production of any “hollow” parts, mostly bottles, canisters, jars and also technical components.


Our parent company at Kyjov (The Czech Republic) provides all of our blow-moulding capacity. There are 21 machines of various types and sizes, both continuous and extrusion head, with clamping forces from 3 – 100 t.